It was such a wonderful experience learning from Angela. She has a real passion and dedication for the process. Her gentleness and generosity of spirit was inspirational and has led to a transformative experience. It has only been a short time that I have been practising, but to my surprise, people (including my 13 year old daughter) are already noticing a difference ! Don’t miss this !
Angela has been a terrific addition to my life. I live a fast paced life with a family of 4 kids, constantly on the go, combined with an intense but rewarding career. Since starting to meditate, I feel my energy levels and ability to contend with the intensity has improved immensely. I am capable of multitasking my personal, family, social and professional life more successfully. I feel I accomplish more during a day and life is more satisfying. Thank you Angela and meditation!
Meditation has always been challenging for my very active mind. Vedic Meditation is different. I have had success for the first time in my life. Angela is a very gifted teacher. She was able to teach us the foundation of the principles in just 6 hours. My whole family took her class and everyone is benefiting. We are so grateful !
Health Coach
Through Vedic Meditation, I have developed a regular meditation practice. It allows me to feel calmer and more focused especially during long and challenging days at work. I have a greater level of resilience which I need for my busy lifestyle. Mostly it has helped me to gain better insight into myself and to have more compassion for myself and others.
Senior Manager, Insurance
I have been meditating for over 30 years experiencing and experimenting with diverse teachers & modalities. I felt a deeply aligned calling to study Vedic Meditation after meeting and conversing with Angela. Her Divinely gentle and profound knowledge was seamlessly digestible. My relentless questions answered with clarity and wisdom that made my transition very attainable. Angela’s immersion and commitment to the VM community is evident in her practice and guidance. Deep gratitude Angela for inspiring me to embrace the practice with consistency and study the Vedas which have enriched and saturated my life with such resonance.
Meditation has changed my life! I have observed things which no longer serve my highest purpose, like alcohol and nicotine, fall effortlessly away. I have also taken significant steps in my life recently to change the course of my future. Meditation for me is so ingrained into my daily routine now, I genuinely cannot imagine life without it. Thinking and talking about meditation, this practice of peace and stillness, fills me with so much joy and gratitude.
Years ago I saw the positive effect Vedic Meditation had on my brother, it has now changed my life also. As a professional musician constantly travelling, it has not only been my daily source of stability but a cherished part of my day. Vedic Meditation has taught me to be more present, and not let my busy thinking mind control my behaviour. I am able to let go of thoughts that no longer serve me. Thoughts once controlled me and I couldn’t sit still for 5 mins, but now meditation is my heaven on earth. I have learned to love and accept myself for who I am and to challenge my creativity and continue to grow with no expectations.
I had been researching VM when a mutual friend introduced me to Angela. I found her presence calming, peaceful and grounded. The course exceeded my expectations with big results: Apart from stress release, my negative thought patters dissolved resulting in a more positive outlook. My feelings of overwhelm & stress changed to a sense complete calmness & serenity. My foggy brain & scattered thoughts became flowing streams of brilliant ideas that I was able to put into action with ease. I was stuck on where I was going in life & found life purpose - with a knowing I have all I need inside me to accomplish it & I am already whole and complete. And… I found the practise has helped me improve my relationships as I don’t react as much to situations. I am eternally grateful to Angela & for my journey of evolution.
Online Entrepreneur